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 A Selection from Dianetics

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Introduction: How to Read this Book
Chapter 1: The Scope of Dianetics
Chapter 2: The Clear
Chapter 3: The Goal of Man
Glossary of Terms

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Yours free—A Selection From Dianetics—the first three chapters of the #1 New York Times bestselling book. You will also receive exclusive emails about Dianetics to help you attain your goals and live a better life from us, the official publisher of L. Ron Hubbard's non-fiction works.
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What's in this eBook?

The simple answer: The full scope of Dianetics. If you have any question that Dianetics can help you, this eBook will answer it conclusively. L. Ron Hubbard wrote Dianetics in 1950 for the common “man on the street.” He wanted everyone to have access to his new discoveries in the field of the mind, in terms we can all understand. Though he found an enormous amount of vital information, he was able to condense it into a single volume.

Dianetics provides practical answers to our most challenging questions about life:

Where do irrational fears and emotions come from?
What is the one factor that defines all life?
Are people basically good, or do we require restraint from causing           harm?
Is time really the great healer?
Are dreams important in evaluating your mental health?
Are past injuries still affecting you mentally in the present?
Why are children so free spirited while adults more restrained?
Can you ever find lasting confidence in yourself?

These questions and hundreds more are addressed in this one book!
Knowing the truth about your own mind and those around you enables you to lead a better life. Now you can navigate through the tough parts of life with confidence and certainty. Dianetics handles the underlying root of your stress.

By studying the first three chapters of Dianetics you will learn:

The full scope of the subject of Dianetics
The frame of mind in which you will best study the subject
What the ideal state of man would be and how Dianetics accomplishes       this
The single primary impulse that drives all living things, including you

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