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Training in all phases of communication, this course is light on theory and heavy on skills practiced with a twin to develop confront, listening, speaking up, understanding and resolving conflicts.
Whether it is a romantic connection, a business relationship or relationships with family or friends, getting along with others can be challenging.  Most of us didn't learn interpersonal skills from school lessons.  In Scientology we approach this subject from several different skill sets anyone can improve on.
This is a course with more theory and exercises to develop an understanding of what others need from you to feel understood. It also includes the causes of conflicts and how to resolve them.
At times upsets from the past can cause responses that continue in the future, which create patterns of behavior with relationships that we don't want. When warranted we offer individual affordable counseling to release these past reflective actions.  
Success Through Communication Course
How to Improve Relationships Course
Dianetics Counseling
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