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Theory of Dianetics
This video gives you the theory of Dianetics and how a session works.
Dianetics Successes
Audio Book Excerpt
Dianetics: The Key to Living a Happier, Richer, More Fulfilling Life
Dianetics can help you clear from your mind the mental blocks that have been holding you back, so you can:

  • Solve your most difficult problems
  • Get rid of misery, sadness and depression
  • Have more money, more success and more confidence
  • Find love, be happy and live more joyfully
  • Rid yourself of self-destructive, harmful impulses and behaviors
  • Achieve every goal and accomplishment that’s important to you

To get a free DVD showing how Dianetics can help you, go here:
This video shows ways in which the Dianetics therapy has helped individuals.
Hear about the mechanics of the mind.
Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health
This book comes in hardback and paperback.
Dianetics, Audio Book
Dianetics, How to Use DVD
This audiobook helps to understand the material, and is often used with the book.
The How to Use Dianetics video covers both the theory and how to run a Dianetics session.
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